Ramona Bluegrass Festival

What To Bring

This is a pretty laid back affair and we want y’all to relax & enjoy yourselves. Here are a few suggestions, guidelines and other ways to make your weekend as good as it can be:

Bring your instrument(s) and get to jammin!

Bring your own seating, cushions, blankets, etc. into the festival site for your comfort and enjoyment while listening to the entertainment. Please, no high backed chairs since they would block the view of the folks behind you. As is common Bluegrass Festival Etiquette at most bluegrass festivalswe’d like to tell you how the seating works:      Any one can sit in any vacant chair but as soon as the owner comes you’ll need to relinquish it to them. We recommend labeling your items with name & contact info. 

No Coolers Please…  There will be lots of eats and drinks available. O.K. to bring unopened bottled water.

Now, come on out and have a GREAT TIME!












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We also recommend Hats & Sunscreen if you’re inclined to sit in the sun or as you wander around the many additional areas of interest within our festival site, such as the Kid’s Korner, Old West Encampment, Jam It Up, Music Workshop and Happy Trails Stage area. There will be some natural shade, as we have a lot of trees around but you’ll probably be in the sun part of the time.

There is complete shade and a hard cover roof over the Bluegrass Venue Rocky Top and Foggy Mountain Stages and audience areas. There are also open grassy areas for sitting in the sun. The Happy Trails Stage area is more open with some tree and bleacher shading.

Please, no photographs of the bands while doing their sound checks. Give em a few minutes to get situated and into their show before taking their pics.


Also, on the other end of the temperature side of things, it may get a little chilly at night, of course we’ll all probably be sweating up a storm dancing to Hot Club, but if you stick around for the fireside talks and jams or find yourself wandering around later – or tent camping, we’d recommend a sweater, jacket or something to keep you nice & toasty in the wee hours!

Coolers, food, drinks, alcohol and other containers for these types of items are not allowed into the festival site. There will be food and drink sales available, including several types of alcoholic beverages (Coors, Blue Moon, a Hard Cider, Wine), sodas and water. Hand stamps will allow festival attendees to enter and exit the site at leisure.

Alcohol may be consumed within the west side of the Festival site but our ABC license does not allow it to be taken into the east portion of the festival. Of course, attendees can go back & forth as much as you want. ……. breaking news…… it appears that alcohol may be allowed throughout the entire festival site – both west and east sides….. we’re workin on it with the permitting folks…..

Thanks for your cooperation.