Ramona Bluegrass Festival


With a population of over 55,000, Ramona has been one of the fastest growing, and is the largest unincorporated area in San Diego County. It has almost ten times the population that it had in the early 1970’s. The Ramona Community Planning Area encompasses an area of 136 square miles, and is located at an average elevation of 1,450 feet, at the crossroads of Highways 67 and 78 in the geographic center of the County.  Because of this geographic position on the Map of San Diego County, it is referred to as The HEART of San Diego County.


The area was first inhabited by the Diegueno Indians thousands of years ago, with first contact with white men thought to be in 1775, with Spanish soldiers.  Read and learn more about Ramona’s history on the Ramona Chamber of Commerce web site, www.ramonachamber.com, the Town Hall site at www.ramonatownhall.com and at the site for the Guy B. Woodward Museum – Ramona Pioneer Historical Society at www.woodwardmuseum.org.

Ramona was once known as The Turkey Capital of the World,  and is currently well known for:

    • The nation’s only camel dairy, Oasis Camel Dairy with tours and featured in 2010 on  Dirty Jobs with Mike Rower, at www.cameldairy.com

    • A blossoming wine industry, with the 89,000 acre wine grape growing area officially designated by the Federal government as an A.V.A. in 2006, www.ramonavalleyvineyards.org

    • Agricultural pursuits of many kinds including but not limited to raising buffalo, camels, goats, llamas, sheep, cattle, ducks, field crops and organic produce.

Tree Moon

There are a lot of folks here in town working to make Ramona a destination for travelers and tourists on their way to the mountain town of Julian and the San Diego deserts. Here are some highlights of why we think you might want to spend some time here:

HORSES:    There are more horses in San Diego County than in any other county in the U.S. – There are more horses in Ramona than any other area in San Diego County.

WINE:    We are getting more and more vineyards around here every year, along with Tasting Rooms and Winery Tours. There are some really nice award wining wines coming out of Ramona these days.

MUSIC:    We’re attempting to have at least one Major Musical Event each month in Ramona as a goal for the not-too-distant future. There are incredible musicians tucked all around our 136 square miles and we want to showcase them, along with bringing in great talent form all over the world, as we’re doing with this Bluegrass Festival and the Ramona Music Festival.

OLD WEST DAYS ENCAMPMENT:    This great event used to be part of the Bluegrass Festival and now has it’s own venue during the 1st part of May each year at the Outdoor Community Center. Take a journey back into the 1800’s with authentic style and re-enactments.

MURALS:    We now have our first nineteen murals up for viewing and we’re working on 20 more. We’ve got 3 or 4 more in the works for the next few months and want this town to be a mural mecca. Check out the website above.

ARTIST:    As with our talented local musicians, Ramona has a tremendous wealth of artists of all kinds tucked in our hills and valleys. Come and get to know them.

RAPTORS in the GRASSLANDS:   Ramona boasts one of the largest Raptor Habitats in the state. The viewing opportunities are almost unlimited and these elegant creatures can be found throughout the Valley of the Sun.

  • Please note, the Ramona Pageant (the outdoor play adapted from the 1884 novel Ramona ) does not take place in Ramona, but approximately 60 miles north in the town of Hemet.